Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm systems are designed for the specific need of each building and take into account the requirements of the building to comply with the New Zealand Building Code documents, the environment within the building and the ability of the occupants to be alerted and to evacuate safely.

These systems are most often based around Manual Call points the red break glass switches on the exit routes of buildings, and a warning tone sounding throughout the building. Detectors which respond to increasing temperature, particular types of smoke, flame or other phenomena are added to the system to ensure that the building is protected as designed. A poorly designed system will cause false alarms or not detect a fire early enough.


Fire Alarm Systems in New Zealand are installed to comply with NZS 4512, and all warning systems are required to be installed with the approval of the Building Consent Authority (the local Council) via a Building Consent application. In altered or new buildings, this will invariably require a fire report from a Fire Engineer or licensed designer to ensure that the building meets Building Code requirements.

Warning Systems are also installed to detect other dangers such as Methane or Ammonia, or for operational purposes such as Lock Down or Man-trapped alarms. FFP Canterbury Ltd has the capability and experience to design and install any system to suit your building and can also provide solutions for:

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Gas Flood Systems

Early Warning systems

Fire Extinguishers & Hose Reels

Contact our team to discuss what is best for your building.


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