Building WOF Forms

Download inserts for your owners inspections manuals here for free - monthly forms for those who need to record monthly inspections and daily forms for the "unlock" check sheet for Crowd occupancies.  These are a useful one-size-fits-all form to complete the necessary records. Follow these instructions to keep your Building Warrant of Fitness records as required by the Compliance Schedule


1) Grab a folder (ideally a ring-binder, so you can put more sheets in on top) and put some dividers in it.

2) Put a copy of your Compliance Schedule at the front. If you don't have a copy of this, call our office and we can arrange this.

3) Download the Owners Inspection sheets (below) for your building, cross out the features which do not appear on your schedule and insert them in the first section - Start with the month of the due date of your Warrant, and leave the second section free for these records to be filed in for next year. You need to keep at least TWO full years records.

4) Any correspondence you receive from us, or other IQPs you have in your building should be filed in the third section.

5) When you complete your years inspection sheets, download a fresh set from here and insert them into the current year section.

Owners inspections are monthly for most buildings, with daily inspections required in crowd occupancies such as schools, retail, bars and restaurants. Check your compliance schedule to confirm the applicable inspection regime for your building.

SS 3/2 -  Access Control Doors

SS 6 -     Riser Mains

SS 3/3 -  Automatic Fire Doors

SS 14/2 -Evacuation Signs

SS 4 -     Emergency Lighting System

SS 15/2 -Final Exits - Daily

SS 15 - Means of Escape - Monthly
(incorporates 15/2, 15/3, 15/4 and 15/5)

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